FREDERICKSBURG, Va., June 20, 2023 – Riphean Group, a leading growth management firm, is proud to announce the launch of Riphean Hospitality. This new investment arm is dedicated to creating exceptional dining and beverage experiences.

Founded in 2020 by Joel Griffin, Riphean has a proven track record of driving transformative change and creating meaningful impact while supporting entrepreneurial growth and community enrichment. With a portfolio that includes private equity, venture capital, real estate, and professional services, Riphean now expands its focus to include the hospitality sector.

Joel Griffin, Founder and President of Riphean, stated, “We are thrilled to launch Riphean Hospitality as a dedicated investment firm committed to creating exceptional dining and beverage experiences. Our mission goes beyond providing capital; we aim to foster true partnerships built on collaboration that emboldens ideas and a shared vision for success. By immersing ourselves in the communities we serve, we strive to amplify the unique flavors of each locale while making a positive social impact.”

Joining the leadership team of Riphean Hospitality is David Stallard, Vice President of Operations, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in hospitality management. Stallard’s extensive background includes supporting regional restaurant groups, franchises, national corporate chains, and local establishments. As a former restaurant consultant, he has successfully launched several distinctive concepts throughout the southeastern United States.

David Stallard shared, “I am honored to be part of Riphean Hospitality, a firm that stands out in its approach and possesses a strong portfolio. With a focus on collaboration and operational excellence, we are poised to elevate the hospitality experience and drive positive changes in the communities we serve.”

Riphean Hospitality’s portfolio comprises a dynamic collection of restaurants and breweries, each offering its own unique charm. From Rebellion Bourbon Bar & Kitchen’s homage to American spirit to One Family Brewing’s dedication to family and philanthropy, and The Port Oysteria & Brewery’s fusion of seafood, community, and craft beer, these ventures contribute to the vibrancy of local communities, fostering meaningful connections and nurturing a thriving hospitality scene.

Since its establishment, Riphean has achieved success through its existing private equity initiative, Riphean Investments, which focuses on the national security market. As Riphean introduces Riphean Hospitality, it builds on its track record and reaffirms its unwavering commitment to identifying exceptional opportunities and creating meaningful impact in the sectors it operates in. These combined efforts foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that promotes positive change.

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