Elevated and Inspiring Hospitality Experiences

We create exceptional concepts that serve as gathering places for communities and foster lasting memories.


Led by a team of passionate professionals and a wealth of industry expertise, Riphean Hospitality is an investment firm dedicated to cultivating exceptional dining and beverage experiences. Through strategic guidance and operational expertise, we fuel the growth of people-driven companies, driving long-term profitability and celebrating the art of exceptional hospitality.

We believe that community engagement is essential to the fabric of hospitality, as it strengthens local culture and renews meaningful connections. We integrate ourselves into the communities we serve, working hand in hand with local artisans, vendors, suppliers and organizations to amplify the distinctive flavors of each locale while making a positive impact.

Led by Seasoned Industry Professionals

Our leadership team is made up of seasoned professionals with a wealth of diverse experience who share an unwavering passion for excellence in the hospitality industry. Our team brings over 30 years of hospitality management, 30 years in private industry consulting and collectively has launched 15 unique concepts.

With their shared vision, strategic relationships, and operational expertise, we empower our partners to grow and thrive.

Our Companies

  • One Family Brewing

    One Family, One Team, One Fight.

  • Rebellion Bourbon Bar & Kitchen

    Inspired by bourbon, bonded to tradition.

  • The Port Oysteria & Brewery

    Seafood & Beer. Your Next Favorite Pairing.

Our Community Impact

We actively engage with local communities by supporting and participating in initiatives that promote education, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic development. Through partnerships, donations, and volunteer efforts, we strive to make a positive and lasting impact on the communities where we operate, fostering meaningful connections and contributing to their overall well-being.

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