About Us

Riphean Hospitality is an investment firm creating elevated and inspiring hospitality experiences.

Our Purpose

At Riphean Hospitality, we are driven by a genuine passion for history, culture and community. We believe in the transformative power of hospitality, which shapes experiences, strengthens connections, and spreads positivity. Inspired by the past and grounded in the present, we curate immersive experiences that celebrate the distinctive essence of each locale.

Our purpose extends beyond mere transactions; we aim to create a profound sense of belonging and celebration. We are dedicated to curating exceptional dining and beverage experiences where guests can fully indulge in the delight of shared moments.

Our People

At Riphean Hospitality, our leadership team consists of seasoned professionals who embody a wealth of diverse experience and a shared passion for hospitality excellence. Working in harmony with our visionary executives, our teams brings 38 years of combined general management expertise, 30 years of financial acumen and 25 years of human resources proficiency.

  • Joel Griffin
    Founder and President, Riphean Group
  • Dan Singh
    Investment Partner, Riphean Hospitality
  • Kylie Starace
    Chief Administrative Officer, Riphean Group
  • David Stallard
    Vice President of Operations, Riphean Hospitality
  • Brittany Fowler
    Executive Assistant
  • Michele Lewis
    Human Resources Generalist
  • Linda Turgeon
    Senior Controller

Our Approach

We thrive on fostering genuine collaborations that embolden ideas and create a powerful synergy. Our approach revolves around four key pillars, each integral to achieving unparalleled success:


We aim to invest in hospitality ventures that showcase creativity and a commitment to providing exceptional experiences. With a discerning eye for innovation and a passion for originality, we seek out concepts that have a distinct charm, a dedication to quality, and a potential to captivate guests.


Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach. We forge deep partnerships with entrepreneurs, working together to bring hospitality concepts to life. Through open communication and shared vision, we build strong relationships based on trust, mutual respect and a commitment to long-term success.


Our team’s experience and operational acumen are invaluable assets we bring to our partnerships. Drawing from industry knowledge and strategic insights, we provide guidance and support in all facets of operations, creating cost efficiencies and eliminating waste to ensure our ventures reach their full potential.


We recognize the profound role hospitality plays in shaping communities. By actively engaging with local artisans, suppliers, and organizations, we cultivate a positive social impact. We strive to strengthen the cultural fabric of each locale, creating an enduring legacy that enriches the lives of all.

Our Companies

  • One Family Brewing

    One Family, One Team, One Fight.

  • Rebellion Bourbon Bar & Kitchen

    Inspired by bourbon, bonded to tradition.

  • The Port Oysteria & Brewery

    Seafood & Beer. Your Next Favorite Pairing.

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